On George Will’s column

Columnist George Will recently started a lot of controversy by posting a newspaper column about progressivism on college campuses, suggesting that “victimhood” in college, such as sexual assault, is “a coveted status that confers privileges.” An in-depth discussion of the offensive parts of the column, as well as a link to the original column, can be found on this Salon article. While I often try to ignore people who are attempting to stir up controversy, I couldn’t help but have a visceral reaction to this one.

As many of us are aware, the backlash has included a #SurvivorPrivilege hashtag, where a lot of survivors of sexual assault have shared their painful stories of not only being assaulted and raped, and of living with the resultant trauma, but also of invalidation and mistreatment by others in the aftermath of their abuse. Clearly, being sexually assaulted in college (or, well, at any other time or place) doesn’t exactly leave you “privileged.” In my own painful experiences several years back of being sexually assaulted while in college, some of the “privileges” of being in this situation included difficulty concentrating and the resultant embarrassment, burnout, failed classes, academic probation, invalidating comments from the people around me who didn’t get what I was going through, and the joys of undiagnosed, untreated post-traumatic stress.

George Will is still defending his column, and some are arguing that the media is taking certain comments within the column out of context. It’s possible that things are being taken out of context, of course; but I read the column, about as much as I could despite how it was making me upset and feeling like a slap to the face. And I still found several things in it offensive, such as the downplaying of many forms of assault. It makes me happy that a newspaper has dropped him because of the column and that many are speaking out about how this column was a slap in the face to many of us.


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